Andrew Benson

Andrew Benson (Andrey Malookov) – sound-producer, musician and DJ from Russia.
Andrew continues his way to the top in the world of flowing melodies, catchy progressions and groovy basslines. Since entering the EDM scene back in 2010 to nowadays he is working hard to deliver new tunes made with his very personal music vision and breadth of musical imagination to the listeners' ears.
After successful releases on Proton (Particles), Macarize, Black Hole (Songbird), Silk Music and Moonbeam Digital, Andrew has become a member of Enhanced Music family, one of the top labels in the EDM world right now. His “We Are A Team / The Charming Time” EP with Colorize, played & enjoyed by a lot of top DJ's, was a logical continuation of what he has been doing for the last years. Andrew is incubating his very personal music vision and style of sound, looking and developing his unique music cocktails of emotive and bright sound, built on the secret proportion of progressive, deep and tech elements.
Production definitely should not be limited by one style, and Andrew’s production is all about that. Is it summery 90 bpm indie / electronica remix for Kobana - June, released on Particles, or energizing progressive remix for Eximinds – Helena, released on Always Alive, his musical story is written with deep, passionate emotions and can tell you about his life experiences, going straight to your heart and soul.
Be ready for new mesmerizing and diverse productions from Andrew Benson and keep him on your music radar! The best is yet to come!